Productivity Improvement of Bucket Elevator by Modified Design

Abstract—These are powered equipment for conveying
bulk materials in a vertical or steep inclined path, consisting
of an endless belt, or chain/s to which metallic buckets are
fixed. With the flexible belt/chain, the buckets move
unidirectionally within a casing and collect bulk materials at
bottom end of the equipment and deliver it at the top end.
A range of different research methods have been used to
determine the productivity improvement of elevator. The
present study shows the productivity improvement of elevator
for granular materials by changing in parameter and
structure affecting the efficiency of elevator.
Current work deals with the design and analysis of elevator
for conveying granular materials at 2 tonnes/hr output and
lifting height 12m. Modeling of different components of
bucket elevator has been done using 3d Solid Modeling
software based upon the dimensions obtained from analytical
design. The new modified design of the bucket elevator is
proposed and validated using CAE tools which are well within
the safe limit.
Keywords— Bucket elevator, Material handling equipment,
CAE tools, Bucket

Download Link :

Productivity Improvement of Bucket Elevator by Modified


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